ingleton Falls, Yorkshire – March 2016

Waterfalls are a photographer’s dream! A slow shutter speed, sturdy tripod, good lighting and you’re in business! Being up North you can put a sizeable amount of money on the weather being overcast, which is great for these types of shots. but today there is sun, and plenty of it! This can cause issues when your shutter is open for that bit longer, but also makes the 4-5 mile, uphill walk with camera equipment that much more demanding. but when you get your shots back home, you know its been worth it! 

Gemma& David Wedding Shoot – March 2016

Nothing Moves Photography were proud to shoot the wedding of the new Mr & Mrs Alston at the amazing Wood Hall Hotel in Wetherby. Beautiful weather, wonderful venue and really fun set of guests! The Groomsmen especially loved the camera! Work it boys!!
Have a look at a few of our favourites from the day!



Kim & Andy Wedding Shoot – March 2016

Kim and Andy chose the centre of Leeds for their wedding in March, and whilst we were having to dance in and out of rain showers, we at least had the opportunity to use some of the amazing buildings this city has to offer as beautiful backdrops!
I moved to Leeds 11 years ago and it has always lent itself in a positive way to photographers. Kim and Andy had come to me having seen some images for a wedding I did in London which contrasted the happy couple, dressed in their wedding finery, in amongst the hustle and bustle of commuters. So before their private wedding breakfast in Malmaison we walked up and across one of the main road bridges in the city to capture some similar images for them


Ballet Studio Shoot – January 2016

Finding inspiration in the new year, nothing moves photography travelled across the pennines to greater manchester to capture some ballet-inspired images that had been playing around in out minds for a while. we wanted to capture some of the artier sides to this amazing dance-form, and to be honest we came away with a new level of respect for it as we made more and more demands of our model to stay on-pointe for just one…more…shot!!!